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Palladium: $1676.82
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“US Circulated Gold Coins May Provide Future Profits”

Many US circulated gold coins like the $5 Indian, $10 Indian, $10 Liberty, $20 Liberty and the St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coins are all coins who’s numismatic value has traditionally out paced their gold value. The value beyond the coin’s intrinsic “gold value” is what we refer to as a premium and these coins have in years past […]

Sales Tax Exemption Sought

A grass root effort is underway to exempt purchases of coins and precious metals from Minnesota sales tax. This effort has been undertaken to safeguard consumers; prevent large amounts of revenue from leaving Minnesota; and to create more jobs for Minnesotans. Minnesota law maker Mary Kiffmeyer has provided support for HF-1107 and SF-1944 – the bills in front […]

Security Tips sited by the Federal Trade Commission

When you’re buying from an online retailer or an auction website, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)—the nation’s consumer protection agency—wants you to keep these shopping tips in mind: Know who you’re dealing with. Confirm the online seller’s physical address and phone number so you can contact them if you have questions or problems. Know exactly […]

It’s A Pleasure Doing Business!

To American Rare Coins and Collectibles:   I have done business with you on three occasions, both directly and indirectly. I have found your people to be pleasant, knowledgeable and professional. In short, you are easy to do business with. I tend to research and study anything that involves my money. There are many companies in the Twin Cities that […]