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Silver: $18.85
Platinum: $976.33
Palladium: $2622.52
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“US Circulated Gold Coins May Provide Future Profits”

Many US circulated gold coins like the $5 Indian, $10 Indian, $10 Liberty, $20 Liberty and the St. Gaudens Double Eagle gold coins are all coins who’s numismatic value has traditionally out paced their gold value. The value beyond the coin’s intrinsic “gold value” is what we refer to as a premium and these coins have in years past […]

Sold Out – Buyer’s Special: Trade-in Your 1 oz American Gold Eagle for $20 Liberty Certified Gold Coin

Sold Out – Market conditions allow American Rare Coin to bring you this unique opportunity.  This special allows you to trade your 1 oz American Gold Eagle for a certified $20 Liberty gold coin from America’s past.  The $20 Liberty gold coin was minted from 1849-1907 and it contains nearly an ounce of gold (0.9675 pure gold).  In the past the […]

Sales Tax Exemption Sought

A grass root effort is underway to exempt purchases of coins and precious metals from Minnesota sales tax. This effort has been undertaken to safeguard consumers; prevent large amounts of revenue from leaving Minnesota; and to create more jobs for Minnesotans. Minnesota law maker Mary Kiffmeyer has provided support for HF-1107 and SF-1944 – the bills in front […]

Sold Out – Buyer’s Special: Certified Gold Coins at Blow-Out Prices!

    Sold Out – American Rare Coin and Collectibles is currently offering a group of certified common date gold coins at greatly reduced pricing from our normal competitive retail pricing levels. The pricing on these coins is based on today’s (March 26, 2012) spot gold price of $1689.00. These coins may be purchased as […]

Sold Out – Buyer’s Special: Gold – French 20 Francs Pre 1933

Sold Out – American Rare Coin and Collectibles is offering Pre 1933 French 20 Franc gold coins, for the special sales price of just $20 over melt.  This means, with gold at $1723.00 per ounce, you pay just $341.68 per gold coin.  Naturally, gold prices are constantly fluctuating so to determine price, follow this formula:  (spot […]

Sold Out – Buyer’s Special: $5.00 Liberty XF Gold Coin Sets

Sold Out –  American Rare Coin and Collectibles is happy to offer collections of the US $5.00 Liberty Gold Coin in XF condition.  Each $5.00 Liberty contains .24187 oz of gold.  They were minted with motto: “IN GOD WE TRUST” from 1866-1908.  The first set is a 25 piece $5.00 Liberty Gold coin collection.  All coins […]

Sold Out – Buyer’s Special: $20 Liberty XF Gold Set

  Sold Out – American Rare Coin and Collectibles is happy to offer a collection of 25 (twenty-five) $20 Liberty, Double Eagle gold coins.  The $20 Liberty contains .96750 oz of gold.  This set is made up of 25 different dates and or mint mark combinations.  These XF $20 Liberty, Double Eagle dates are listed: 1878-S    1884-S   1892-S   1899-P   1904-P 1878-P    1888-S   1895-S   1900-S   1906-S 1880-S     1889-S   1897-S   1900-P   1906-P 1881-S          […]

Sold Out – Buyer’s Special: $20 St. Gaudens, Double Eagle Gold Coin Sets

  Sold Out –  American Rare Coin and Collectibles is happy to offer, perhaps, the most beautiful coin ever struck.  Designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens the $20 gold piece contains .96750 oz of pure gold. While spot gold prices are at $1720.50 per oz we are offering up to seven $20 St. Gaudens gold coins in the attached photograph […]