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Thank you

Greetings, I was on my way yesterday to your location when I found” Road Closed” near the Airport,,,,, panic was in full force with no direction for detour. So, with my new iphone i called your office, I was directed safely through the jungle of traffic on 62 to your doorway, Simply cannot thank you […]

Wow. Thank you.

Wow. Thank you. When I am ready to sell my inherited coin collection, I will be working with American Rare Coin and Collectibles. I tried to “google” coin info. alone online and quickly became confused and frustrated. But after just a few minutes on the phone with American Rare Coin, they walked me through ARCC’s […]

Executor of estate

I was executor of my mom’s estate and needed to take care of her coin collection. She worked in a bank and her collection was primarily collecting for silver value although she did have some collectible coins. We live near Rochester, MN so I checked a dealer there. I got a quote on silver value […]