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Covid-19 Business Preparedness Plan

May 14, 2021  Given the recent changes to CDC’s guidelines and Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’s Executive Orders 21-21 and 21-23 American Rare Coin’s Facial Coverings policy is no longer mandatory with mask wearing is now OPTIONAL for our customers and staff.  IF YOU ARE MORE COMFORTABLE WITH US WEARING A MASK WHILE WE SERVE YOU, PLEASE LET US KNOW AND WE’LL BE VERY HAPPY TO DO SO.  American Rare Coin will continue to abide by CDC’s Social Distancing and Sanitation Guidelines until further notice.  See below.

Social Distancing/CDC’s recommended social distancing guidelines of 6’:






  • We have rearranged and reduced the number of our of transaction stations to best accommodate our guests.
    • Each station has a physical glass barrier/sneeze shield placed between staff and customers.
    • To reduce wait times customers are highly encouraged to call ahead and schedule prearranged appointments with us in advance of their arrival. Customers can do so by calling 952-830-1400 or
      • Use our Appointment Request Form.
      • Walk-In customer visits are always welcome but they will be honored as space and time permits.
  • Three appointments with up to two persons each will be allowed in our retail office at a time.
  • Many questions can and are answered by first calling our business line at 952-830-1400 or
    • Use our Contact Us Form or
    • Email questions and product photos to
    • In the case of the those customers wishing to sell product to us without physically entering our offices:
      • Customers may consider physical delivery of their product using USPS mail with our Risk-Free Mail-In Option or
      • Customers may consider using our Curbside or quick In-Office Drop-Off Options.  In either case, customers can drop off their product and are given a receipt for us to then process and price their collections without having to wait for what can often be an hours-long exercise depending on collection size.  Once completed, customers will receive a telephone call from us to discuss their collection and our valuation(s) and receive a check from us via USPS mail or bank wire.  Our complete collection and pricing documentation would of course follow with the check or wire.
  • Upon arrival customers will be asked to wait in our reception area until their transaction table is prepared.

Safety/Health (Hygiene and Disinfectant) Measures:

  • Hand sanitizing bottles are placed throughout our retail office including at each customer station.
  • Complimentary masks will be made available for customer’s personal use and for them to keep.

Our Covid-19 Preparedness Plan will be updated as the situation changes.  Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

American Rare Coin