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Sold Out – Buyer’s Special: $5 Modern Commemorative Gold Pieces

$5 Modern Commemorative Gold Pieces

$5 Modern Commemorative Gold Pieces

Sold Out – $5 Modern Commemorative Gold Pieces Available at American Rare Coin & Collectibles, Bloomington MN

The U.S. Mint started to issue $5 Modern Commemorative coins in 1986 with a depiction of the Statue of Liberty on the coins obverse.  They continue to strike $5 commemorative coins to this day.


These $5 gold coins were sold by the US Mint to collectors at substantial premiums over the actual value of the gold they contain.  (Each $5 gold coin contains .24187 of an ounce of gold.)

Unfortunately, for those who originally purchased the coins from the US Mint, the collectors premium (or numismatic value) of most the coins has diminished to the point where they trade for slightly more than their actual gold value.


For the person who is looking to buy collectible gold coins that were issued by the US mint, it presents a great opportunity to purchase these $5 Gold Coins at a low premium in relation to their melt value.

We can currently offer these $5 modern commemoratives at 5% over the actual melt value of the gold they contain.


For example:

If gold spot at the time you confirm your order is   $1635 per oz.

Multiply gold spot times the actual gold content of       .24187     in each $5 coin.

And you see each $5 coin contains                              $ 395.46      in pure gold value.

Add a 5% premium over the actual melt value              x 1.05

And this is your cost per coin                                         $ 415.23


This is a lower premium than you can currently buy Gold Eagles!!

And remember, most these coins were originally issued by the US Government at prices that were more than double their melt value.

Order one, or order 100.  With current market conditions, we can offer up to 500 coins at the price of 5% over melt.

Please add $20 postage to your order, regardless of size.

All rates subject to market fluctuation.

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