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Gold: $1179.34
Silver: $14.70
Platinum: $784.63
Palladium: $907.25
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Expired: 90 Percent Silver Coinage (Dimes and Quarters)

Featured Special through October 10, 2017

90 Percent Silver Coinage (dimes and quarters)

The premiums have fallen on 90 Percent Silver!

American Rare Coin is now offering:

$100.00 Face Value Bags at Silver Spot + $0.95
(e.g.: Spot Silver $16.77 + $0.95 x .715 x 100 = $1,266.98)

The US Mint ceased production of circulating 90% silver coinage after 1964. These coins are in circulated condition and in the denomination of our choice. The coins are sold on a face value basis. Four quarters equal $1.00 face. Ten dimes equal $1.00 face.
Sales are based on the spot price of silver at time of sale. Hurry quantities are limited.

Call American Rare Coin and Collectibles today at 952-830-1400 or toll-free at 1-800-927-7273 or stop by our retail location to reserve your 90% Silver Coinage!  We are located in the Wells Fargo Plaza building at 7900 Xerxes Avenue South, Suite 140 in Bloomington, MN.  For hours and directions visit us at .  For terms and conditions please visit


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