Spot Prices
Gold: $1881.69
Silver: $22.45
Platinum: $1011.11
Palladium: $1676.82
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Do you pay more than the guys who rent hotel rooms and advertise to buy everything?

Most always, yes!  These types of outfits are often referred to as “road buyers” within the industry.  Here today, gone tomorrow…  Typically, a road buyer will pay only a fraction of the prices we pay.  The full page color ads they run in the newspapers can cost upwards of $10,000, even $100,000!  They travel with a crew of people, they rent a hotel room and they blanket the area with loud and nebulous proclamations of “top dollar” and “highest prices paid” and they incur large expenses along the way.  For them it’s a volume play, pay less and move quickly from town to town.  From an economic standpoint, they simply can’t afford to pay the prices that we can pay.  Worst of all, they are again, here today and gone tomorrow.  If they see something rare and of value within your collection, the chances that they will point it out to you (and pay more for it) are very slim.  American Rare Coin has been at the same great location in Bloomington, MN for over 20 years and we have over 200 years of numismatic expertise on staff.  We’re not going anywhere – we live here!  And with our great mail-in service it’s even easier to do business with us!