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Precious Metals IRA Program

Are you interested in diversifying your retirement savings with and IRA, Roth IRA, or SEP plan with physical Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium?

Transfers can be done at any time of the year and there is no sales tax!

IRA/SEP Accounts

As an alternative to paper assets, a self-directed IRA account that holds precious metals, (physically segregated to your individual account) offers today’s investor an interesting option.  You can now own Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium in a self-directed retirement account, including traditional IRA’s, Roth IRA’s, and SEP accounts.

Your metals are physically delivered to a NYMEX/COMEX approved depository where they are stored and fully insured in a segregated account.  Storage fees are low – about the cost of a private safe deposit box, and your account is accessible online at anytime and you receive account statements on a quarterly basis.

Any portion of your retirement account can be transferred to a physical metal account at any time of the year.

Establishing an account is simple and most of the commonly traded bullion items qualify.

Benefits of Precious Metals IRA’s include:

  1. Asset diversification.
  2. Safe and secure storage.
  3. Assets are fully insured.
  4. No counter party or credit risks.
  5. On line account access.
  6. Highly liquid.

Why Consider A Precious Metals IRA?

Precious metals have historically served as a counter balance to fluctuations in paper assets such as stocks and bonds which have a tendency to trade in a similar direction. Should the value of the currency decline at the same time stocks, bonds and treasuries correct, this can be very costly in terms of purchasing power lost.  Depending on the age of the customer, there may not be sufficient time available to recover lost purchasing power.  Precious metals act as:

  • A Safe Haven Investment: Precious Metals are borderless currencies.  An ounce of Gold or Silver is liquid anywhere in the world.  It tends to become more valuable in times of economic uncertainty.
  • Insurance for Your Other Investments:  Over time, the price of Gold typically moves independently of stocks, bonds or Treasury bills.  When those assets lose value, Gold may not.  This non-correlation helps an investor create a strategically balanced investment portfolio.
  • Future Purchasing Power: History shows that when you invest in Gold, you actually buy purchasing power.  When prices of goods and services go up, the value of Gold typically rises, too.  For this reason, many people invest in Precious Metals as a hedge against inflation.

A Precious Metals IRA is a Self-Directed IRA.  You can invest in your choice of IRA-approved products.  American Rare Coin & Collectibles can help you diversify your assets into a Precious Metals portfolio.  Any profits from the sales of your investments can be tax deferred, just like any profits from any IRA, as long as you keep the proceeds from your sale with your custodian for reinvestment or transfer the proceeds to another IRA account.

Precious Metals IRA

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Frequently Asked IRA Questions

Q. Can I open a new IRA with a contribution?

A. Yes, you can open a new IRA with a contribution, and your annual contribution limit remains the same.

Q. Can I have more than one IRA?

A. Yes. An investor may have multiple IRAs, but no matter how many you have your total annual contribution limits remain the same.

Q. Does American Rare Coin & Collectibles have a minimum dollar amount for an IRA purchase?

A. Yes, the minimum purchase from American Rare Coin for an IRA is $1,000.

Q. Can I transfer money from an existing IRA account to fund my Precious Metal IRA, without incurring any tax penalties?

A. Yes. If you have an existing IRA or previous employer 401k plan, the easiest way to set up a new Precious Metal IRA is by transfer.  You transfer the amount you want to invest in a new IRA, and there are no tax penalties.  Your IRA custodian knows exactly how to do this and will facilitate the process.

Q. What types of IRAs are eligible to transfer or roll over?

A. All IRAs (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, Solo) are eligible for direct roll over.  Ask your IRA custodian for details or any limitations.

Q. Is there a minimum dollar amount when I wish to sell my IRA Precious Metals back to American Rare Coin?

A. Yes, our minimum purchase for all sales to American Rare Coin is $1,000 (USD).

Q. What is the difference between investing in a Precious Metal IRA and owning a Precious Metal ETF?

A. ETFs, or exchange traded funds, are most popular with traders and investors who need to move quickly in and out of markets.  Physical metals are favored by those who buy and hold.  If you own the physical metal you always have the option of taking physical possession of the actual metal, while an ETF is a paper instrument with counter party risks.

How much should you diversify into physical Precious Metals?

A fully diversified portfolio includes a percentage of precious metals to act as a hedge against a decline in the value of the dollar which is the unit of measure for most paper assets such as stocks and bonds.

Avoid the “income, less purchasing power” trap.

It’s very easy to think your portfolio is growing when it’s not.  Say your investments earn 4%, but inflation is 5%. In this case, you actually lose 1% of your purchasing power. Sure, the cash value of your investments went up, but the cash is worth less.  Gold and Silver, on the other hand, have typically outperformed inflation.  So the portion of your portfolio that you allocate to Precious Metals can be an investment in future purchasing power.

Getting Started

Opening a Precious Metals IRA

Opening a Precious Metals IRA is simple.  You can establish a precious metals IRA on line and with your morning coffee in hand!  American Rare Coin has IRA specialists on staff dedicated to answering your questions truthfully and making the process as easy as possible.  Call 952-830-1400 or 800-927-7273 and we’ll show you how easy it can be.

Step 1: Open a Custodian Account

The IRS requires that you keep your IRA Precious Metals in a custodian account.  As an American Rare Coin customer we highly recommend Gold Star Trust.  We have worked closely with Gold Star Trust for many years and know them to have excellent customer service and competitive fee structures.

Step 2: Fund the Account

It’s very easy.  American Rare Coin can assist you with the following options.  You can…

  1. Transfer an existing IRA or former employer 401(k).  Move your IRA from your current custodian to the new one.  You can transfer all or just a portion.  After the transfer is complete, you receive statements from your new IRA custodian.  There is no limit as to how much or how often you can transfer.
  2. Roll over an existing IRA or former employer 401(k).  Withdraw funds from an existing IRA, or a former employer’s 401(k), and deposit the funds into your account with the new IRA custodian.  Just be careful to deposit the funds in the new IRA within 60 days, as with any IRA you may otherwise be liable for taxes and penalties.
  3. Establish a Precious Metals IRA.  Depending on your age and income level, you may be able to directly deposit funds in a new IRA for Precious Metals.

Step 3: Purchase Products

Once your account is funded, call American Rare Coin and purchase products for your IRA.  We have many of the highest quality bullion products that qualify for a Precious Metals IRA.

IRA Qualified Products Include: 

Keep in mind that for products to qualify for a Precious Metals IRA, they must meet minimum fineness requirements as set by the IRS.  The American Gold Eagle is the only exception.

  • Gold: .995 Fine
  • Silver: .999 Fine
  • Platinum: .9995 Fine
  • Palladium: .9995 Fine

American Rare Coin Has The Following IRA Qualifying Products: 





U.S. Gold Eagle

U.S. Silver Eagle

U.S. Platinum Eagle

U.S. Proof Gold Eagle

U.S. Proof Silver Eagle

U.S. Proof Platinum Eagle

U.S. Gold Buffalo

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf

Austrian Gold Philharmonic

Austrian Silver Philharmonic

Various Gold Bars and Rounds

Various Silver Bars and Rounds

Various Platinum Bars and Rounds

Various Palladium Bars and Rounds

For more information, please contact us at, or call 952-830-1400 / 800-927-7273. We will be happy to discuss pricing and answer any questions you may have.

Collectible coins with numismatic value cannot be held in an IRA.