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U.S. Silver Dollars

While our Buy Prices are listed below a brief primer and a basic understanding in the grading of Silver Dollars is helpful.

Grading Silver Dollars

Uncirculated Condition: No trace of wear. Full mint luster. Minimal contact marks.

Almost Uncirculated Condition (AU): Slight Trace of wear. Mint luster is present.

Extra Fine Condition (XF): A circulated coin with most major detail still present.

Very Good/Very Fine Condition (VG/VF): An obviously circulated coin with some details still apparent and no damage.

Cull/Worn Condition: A coin with major damage or excessive wear including rim damage, bent coins and polished and cleaned coins.

Our Buy Prices

In an effort to establish consistent and reliable pricing we have assembled the following guide. The prices quoted represent what we can pay for Common Date United States Silver Dollars and PCGS or NGC Silver Dollars in Mint State 63, 64 and 65 grade. Better dates and mint marks will bring a substantial premium.  Bring your coins into American Rare Coin or email your high-resolution obverse and reverse images to and one of our numismatic professionals will be happy to examine your coins.

1904 & Prior Morgan Dollars

(Years of issue: 1878-1904)

1904 & Prior Morgan Dollars

The Morgan Dollar series contains many better date coins and should be reviewed carefully for dates and conditions.  Some of the basics to look for when checking for better dates include any coins bearing a “CC” or Carson City mint mark (located on the reverse and below the eagle’s tail) and coins from the years 1892-1895.  A full and exhaustive list of better date coins and conditions is too extensive to discuss here.

Be aware that values can vary greatly from coin to coin.  Your 1904 and Prior dated Morgan dollars should be evaluated by a numismatic professional to determine the value of better dates or coins in better condition.

1921 Morgan Dollars:

The 1921 Morgan dollars were struck in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco.  If uncirculated, or close to uncirculated, the “D” and “S” mint marked coins may bring a premium.  In the grades of XF and lower, all varieties generally trade at the same price level.  The coins minted in 1921 are the most common of the Morgan dollars.

Peace Dollars:

(Years of issue: 1921-1935)

Peace Dollars

Most Peace Dollars you see from the years 1922-1926 are common in circulated condition.  The coins from 1927-1935 trade for a few dollars more, even in the lower grades. The key date coins to look for in circulated condition are the 1921, the 1928 (without a mint mark) and the 1934-S in XF grade or higher.

In uncirculated condition, the 1922, 1923, 1924, and 1925 dated coins (without a mint mark) are relatively common.  The value of the other coins in the series increase greatly in uncirculated condition and should be examined closely.