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U.S. Cents and Nickels

U.S. Cents

Indian Head Cents

(Years of issue: 1859-1909)

Indian Head Cents

The Indian Head cent series was issued from 1859-1909.  Common date coins from the 1880′s, 1890′s and 1900′s, in Good to Very Good condition, generally trade in the $0.50 – $2.00 range. Indian Head cents dated from 1859-1879 should all be priced individually according to date and condition.  Most coins will trade in the $1.00 – $50.00 price range.  Some of the key dates are as follows:

Date/Mint Mark Usual Range of Values
1866 $25-$150+
1867 $25-$150+
1868 $20-$200+
1869 $30-$350+
1870 $25-$350+
1871 $35-$300+
1872 $40-$500+
1877 $350-$2500+
1908-S $40-$200+
1909-S $200-$500+


Date Ranges
Less Than Good
Full Rim Good to Very Fine
XF to AU Condition
Uncirculated Condition
Indian Cents
  • 1908-S and 1909-S (The “S” mintmark is on the back of the coin below the wreath at 6 o’clock) are worth $20 – $500+
  • Indian Cents 1859-1879 need to be sorted and inspected individually to determine value

Lincoln Cents (Wheat Back)

(Years of issue: 1909-1958)

Lincoln Cents (Wheat Back)

The Lincoln cent was first issued in 1909 and is still in use today.  The coins dated 1958 and earlier have the wheat back reverse.  Lincoln cents from 1959 to present have the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse.  Most all of the 1959 and newer issues, if circulated, are only worth face value.  The common date “wheat cents” (coins from the late 1930’s, 1940’s, and up to 1958) are worth a slight premium.  We buy the common circulated coins for $.02 (2 cents) per coin. For circulated steel cents, from 1943, we pay $0.05 (5 cents) per coin.  Some Lincoln cents dated 1933 and earlier in better condition are generally worth more than the common date price.  Each will have their own values based on date, mint mark, and condition.  Many of the early Lincoln cents trade in the $0.05-$1.00 range.  Some of the key dates are as follows:

Date/Mint Mark Usual Range of Values
1909-S VDB $350-$1000+
1914-D $80-$1200+
1922 “no D” (strong rev.) $300-$5000+
1931-S $40-$75+

Lincoln Head Cents

Common Lincoln Cents, If You Have Sorted Them By These Date Ranges. (Unsorted Wheat Cents are .02 ea)

Date Ranges
Good to XF Condition
Uncirculated Condition
1943 Wartime (Steel) Cents


U.S. Nickels

Jefferson Nickels

(Years of issue: 1938-Present)

Jefferson Nickels

Most Jefferson nickels (even those from the 1940’s and 1950’s) that have been circulated have little collector value. The most common exceptions are the Jefferson nickels struck during the war years of 1942-1945. They were made of 35% silver and trade for a premium, according to their silver content value.  These can be easily identified by the large P,D or S mint mark located above the capitol on the reverse of the coin. Other dates that bring a premium in circulated condition include:

Date/Mint Mark Usual Range of Values
1939-D $2-$10
1950-D $2-$4

Uncirculated rolls, especially of the early years, can also bring substantial premiums.


Buffalo (or Indian Head) Nickels

(Years of issue: 1913-1938)

Buffalo (or Indian Head) Nickels






Buffalo nickels dated 1913-1926 all bring different values ranging from 7 cents to thousands of dollars. The condition of the individual coin is especially important in this series. Key dates to look for include:

Date/Mint Mark Usual Range of Values
1913-D Type 2 $60-$200+
1913-S Type 2 $150-$500+
1914-D $40-$200+
1916 over 16 $1000-$10,000+
1918 over 17-D $500-$10,000+
1921-S $30-$1000
1937-D 3-Legged $250-$2000+

Common circulated coins from the 1926-1938 are worth around 20 cents each, if they have full dates and no problems. If the date is nearly worn off the coin, its value drops to around 7 cents. High grade Buffalo nickels will bring substantial premiums over more circulated coins. They should be examined closely by a professional numismatist.

Liberty Head Nickels

(Years of issue: 1883-1913)


Liberty Head Nickels

Most liberty nickels we see are well circulated and bring $0.25 to $1.00 each.  Higher-grade coins are worth more of course with uncirculated examples starting at around $50.00 each.  The key dates to look for, even in low grade, include:

Date/Mint Mark Usual Range of Values
1885 $200-$1000+
1886 $75-$500+
1912-S $50-$1000+


Avg Circulated
XF to AU
Common Date
Liberty Nickels


Dateless – Damaged
Partial Date
Full Date G to VF
XF to AU
Common Date
Buffalo Nickels


Good to Extra Fine