Spot Prices
Gold: $1964.32
Silver: $23.57
Platinum: $1058.32
Palladium: $1453.79
Call: 952-830-1400 or 800-927-7273

Executor of estate

I was executor of my mom’s estate and needed to take care of her coin collection. She worked in a bank and her collection was primarily collecting for silver value although she did have some collectible coins. We live near Rochester, MN so I checked a dealer there. I got a quote on silver value which I thought might be fair, but figured I should check somewhere else. Went on line and found American Rare Coin and Collectibles. Their quote was significantly higher. Dealt with Tony and he was excellent, very thorough, fair and patient. Didn’t realize they also did jewelry, so a few weeks later my wife and I went back and took our class rings and other jewelry and coins that we never use or look at. Dealt with Ted and Dan and both were excellent. We highly recommend this company.

Tom B

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