Spot Prices
Gold: $1963.15
Silver: $23.54
Platinum: $1058.62
Palladium: $1455.11
Call: 952-830-1400 or 800-927-7273

These guys are great and are very busy with their business.

Hey Everyone, I’m from Minneapolis, but moved to the Bay Area only to recently return. I inherited a large collection of coins from my Father, mind you this collection is one I had a very important hand in building. I didn’t know anyone around here that dealt coins, so I stopped into this office. These guys are great and are very busy with their business, so if you’re looking for someone to explain to you the ins and out of coin grading and/or history (which you can find online) don’t go. I mean, are you really going to go into a place to sell something you know ZERO about. I’m sorry but that just isn’t a smart idea. Also, let’s say you run an ice cream shop and you get people coming in to talk about your ice cream, not buy it. Thats fine and all, but when there are customers waiting you’re gonna have to help them right? And to the guy who wanted junk silver… Maybe call ahead and ask them to prepare some? These guys bring their coin collection on the road to coin shows a lot. It’s best to call any dealer before going if you want lots of their junk, so that you give the dealer time to separate some out. My experience here has been good! They’re fair people with a well established business. Go in once and they know your name! They need some females in there though! Hehe! It’s a man den in there!

K.Smith, Minneapolis, MN

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