Spot Prices
Gold: $1964.19
Silver: $23.58
Platinum: $1058.72
Palladium: $1455.62
Call: 952-830-1400 or 800-927-7273

Our experience was extremely positive.

I can’t say enough about our recent meetings at American Rare Coin.  It took us years to get to the point where we were ready to sell.  As many of you know, there are lots of unethical buyers of coins on the marketplace and fly by night operations.  We wanted to go to a place where our collection would be fairly assessed by qualified individuals.  After hearing about American Rare Coin, we checked out its Better Business Bureau rating, online reviews, and inquired with friends around town.

Once we determined American Rare Coin would be a good business to deal with, we brought in our collection.  A week earlier, we set up a brief meeting; the purpose was to show the staff some select items from our collection of US and Canadian coins.  At the first meeting, Mark looked at our samples and gave us some additional information on how to sort through our collection and what to look for.  He showed us the spot prices that are updated on the American Rare coin website each day, and how to better navigate the website.  We were very impressed with what the website itself had to offer; for anyone who is interested in gathering some basic information about their own coin collection, the website has great tips on what is valuable.  When checked with other sources, we found that the prices being offered by American Rare Coin were fair.

When we brought in our collection, Mark and his team proceeded to look through everything.  We had a variety of US and Canadian coins, ranging from pre-1965 90% silver loose coins to US Mint proof sets.  They reviewed everything in a careful and transparent manner.   When we finished up, they bought almost the entire collection, with the exception of a few coins that were only worth face value.

All up, our experience was extremely positive.  We left with a smile on our face, a check in hand, and confident that we sold our coins at a good price.  I highly recommend American Rare Coin to anyone who is looking for a fair and ethical coin dealer.  They know their business.