Spot Prices
Gold: $1963.79
Silver: $23.57
Platinum: $1057.92
Palladium: $1455.12
Call: 952-830-1400 or 800-927-7273

If I had to recommend a place to sell to…

very pleased with my visit, fair honest, professional. felt little bad eating that sandwich in front of them in the morning from the cafe. the lady that works there was very nice can’t remember her name sorry, And the gentleman that was helping me was very thorough he really knows his coins, making sure if there was any rare coins so I could get the most money. also can’t remember his name, I’m really bad with names very sorry, but my lasting impression is there, if I had to recommend a place to sell to these guys would be it, I never felt for a second that I was pressured to sell anything. the price was very fair. thank you

Michael I.