Spot Prices
Gold: $1744.02
Silver: $25.26
Platinum: $1211.44
Palladium: $2664.89
Call: 952-830-1400 or 800-927-7273

This is THE Place to Go with your Coins and Collectibles…

This was such a wonderful place to do business. I did a lot of research regarding coin/collectibles, looking for a place that had been in business a long time with a high reputation in honesty and integrity. We came here with quite a few coins. Not only was Daniel (the “short guy” in case you forget his name) amazingly competent in assessing our coins’ value, but in talking to him it is so very obvious that this company has people that practice honesty and integrity. He took the time to carefully look at every coin (basically a paper boy’s collection from 50 years ago! and some gold coins), and found some wonderful surprises for us. Because of my research, I had high expectations of the experience, integrity and expertise of the people working there. All of these expectations were surpassed!!! This IS the place to go with your coins or collectibles. A wonderful place to do business!  J.B.