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American Rare Coin Wins Pumpkin Carving Prize!

Whenever you walk into American Rare Coin to make a purchase or make a sale, you are met by professionals  intent on doing a thorough job. In other words their professionalism stands out. But, one thing is certain, they like to have fun too. On Thursday ARCC participated in a building wide Pumpkin Carving Contest. Lead by American Rare Coin’s creative genius and sculptor, Kathryn, American Rare Coin was awarded the top prize in the funniest pumpkin category. This makes two of the last three years American Rare Coin has received honors. For their victory, Zeller Office Management awarded a large basket full of goodies modeled by Kathryn.

Kathryn was quick to thank Mark for the use of his pumpkin carving tools, Mike for scooping, Jim for white-out, Cathy for the bottle opener, and John for the soda. We are very excited! You will have to come in soon to see this award winning pumpkin!

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