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An open letter to our loyal customers in Minnesota

An open letter to our loyal customers in Minnesota

Contact Your MN Legislators Today
Support the Sales Tax Exemption on Precious Metals Bullion!

After many years of effort we have just learned that the Sales Tax Exemption on Precious Metals Bullion bill has passed the required Minnesota House and Senate committees and it is now on its way to the joint Conference Committee for final resolution this week or next.
Time is of the essence – now is the time for your voices to be heard!
If you support the proposed legislation (see H0848A146), we respectfully request that you to contact the Conference Committee legislators (see links below) AND also contact your respective legislators in your congressional districts and to do via telephone versus email; calling is much more effective.If you feel Precious Metals Bullion should be exempted from sales tax in Minnesota now is your opportunity to affect change. Time is of the essence – please call today!

While it is highly likely that you will be directed to voice mail and at best to each legislators’ constituent services staff person it is very important that our messaging be as follows:

Below is a brief statement to use when calling…it’s best to keep it short, to the point and respectful – our messaging has been about the “small” consumer and their investment purchases.

  “Hello, my name is_______. I am calling to ask  (Representative or Senator) __________ to support compromise legislation that exempts precious metal bullion from sales tax. The bill in Conference Committee is HF-848. This bill helps smaller consumers who want to buy precious metal bullion from being penalized by an immediate 7%+ loss on their investment at the point of sale. It also allows consumers to shop locally rather than spending their money outside Minnesota, and subjecting them to potential fraud. Thank you for your time and I appreciate your support.

House Conferees (Representatives):

Davids; Drazkowski; Barrett; Swedzinski; Pelowski;

Senate Conferees (Senators):

Skoe; Rest; Koenen; Dziedzic; Gazelka;

Your House legislators’ contact information can be found at this link:

Your Senators can be found at this link:

If you don’t know who your legislator is you may use this link to locate them:

Please accept our sincere thanks for your time and consideration.