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Security Tips sited by the Federal Trade Commission

When you’re buying from an online retailer or an auction website, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)—the nation’s consumer protection agency—wants you to keep these shopping tips in mind:

  1. Know who you’re dealing with. Confirm the online seller’s physical address and phone number so you can contact them if you have questions or problems.
  2. Know exactly what you’re buying. Read the seller’s description of the product closely, especially the fine print. Some name-brand items with “too good to be true” prices may even be counterfeits.
  3. Comparison-shop. Check out Web sites that offer price comparisons on similar items from different manufacturers or different Web sites.
  4. Check the privacy policy. The company’s privacy policy should let you know what personal information they are collecting, why, and how it’s going to be used.
  5. Pay with a credit card. It offers you the most protection as a consumer.
  6. Use a secure browser. Look for an unbroken key or padlock at the bottom of your Web browser window to ensure that your transmission is protected.
  7. Consider shipping and handling costs. Factor these into the cost of the order, and choose the delivery option that best meets your needs and budget.
  8. Print records of your online transactions. Save the product description and price, the online receipt and copies of every e-mail you send or receive from the seller.
  9. Understand the return policy before you buy. Can you return the item for a full refund if you’re not satisfied with it? If you return it, are you required to pay shipping costs or a restocking fee?
  10. Check delivery dates. An FTC rule requires sellers to ship items when they say they will or within 30 days after the order date when no specific date is promised.
  11. If you feel you’ve been misled or deceived, file a complaint online at

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